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How do you keep church goers in the pews? How do you inspire them to financially contribute to the mission of your church? Personal attention and thoughtful gestures build the bridges of a relationship that will last. Our keepsake gifts, whether Bibles or our keepsake volumes, sends a clear message to the members of your church - that the church is there for them through good times and bad.

KJV Gift Bible (Church Edition)

$22.95 - $56.95



Our Bibles come with spiritual reflections in the front matter that provides helpful insight to special life events. Whether it be Memorial Bibles to help someone grieve the loss of a loved one or Marriage Bibles that reflect on the commitment of love, our Keepsake Bibles are the perfect gift to mark major life events. A Keepsake Bible keeps Christ at the center of every major moment in one's life.

A New Marriage and Anniversary Gift

Our keepsake volume, Moments of Love, features places to record details of the wedding and photographs from the big day. It also gives non-denominational spiritual reflections, journal prompts and twelve months of devotionals and prayers for the couple to reflect upon throughout their first year of marriage. This beautiful keepsake also makes a great anniversary gift for couples celebrating major anniversary milestones.


A New Sympathy and Condolence Gift

Our keepsake volume, Moments of Hope, features places to record details of the funeral and photographs of the deceased. It also gives non-denominational spiritual reflections, journal prompts and twelve months of aftercare with prayers for the recipient to help them along in their grief journey. This beautiful keepsake makes a touching gift to give a member of your congregation who has suffered the loss of a loved one.


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Moments of Faith offers discounted pricing and exclusive access to an extensive selection of high-quality products to Christian churches nationwide. From gifts for newlyweds to memorial bibles to support those who are grieving churches can get all the materials they need at a much lower rate than traditional retailers.

With Moments of Faith streamlined ordering process and customization options, it’s never been easier or more affordable to ensure that your church has all of the necessary inventory on hand for life's biggest events happen. Registering for a church account with Moments of Faith today is the best way to guarantee that your church has access to quality materials at unbeatable prices.